Loving my worst nightmare

@bernjane (143)
November 15, 2009 11:07pm CST
I love too much that i have forget to remained love for myself. I just met this guy who shown the best for me. Acted so much as if we are for forever. We never encountered doubts and jealousy troubles. We've been each other for two years but it ended like a single click. It hurts me more because for a fact that i dream my life with him. He seems to be a nice guy and very much responsible but there is a side of him that i must let go. He doesn't treat me like what i am now. He forced me to changed something that would meet his criteria and i wouldn't certainly met up what he would tried me to do. He keep on arguing with me why i couldn't do it and why i couldn't do that as what other girls do with his life. I ended up saying maybe because i am myself that is why i couldn't do what other people might done with his life. We have unique character that wouldn't fit with other and if you are serious enough of loving me you should accept the fact that i am what i am. He still texting me now like what we are before but it keeps hurting me more hearing his sweetness. I wouldn't expect anything with him and certainly moving on with my life. Maybe God wants me or reserves me for someone better than anyone else.
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