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November 15, 2009 11:49pm CST
i seemed to have a young writer at home. my eight year old daughter seemed to have an innate talent to produce her ideas into words and write it down in paper. she has several articles saved in my laptap. she wants it published, i suggested to look for someone who can illustrate her stories into graphics to make it more interesting. actually she joined the mylot site to express her ideas :-)... i hope she'll persist. i am just here to support her. Ideas expressed in young age may flourish if sustained. do you have kids like that? what do you do to develop his/her talent?
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• United States
16 Nov 09
Your daughter sounds a lot like my cousin. She and I both developed a talent for writing when we were young, although hers came at a younger age. Her mother is a 3rd grade teacher, so naturally, she let her flourish. My cousin loved to play 'newspaper' and still does today. She writes articles at home and passes them out to the whole family. As for me, I like to write short stories and poetry. While my cousin was able to take many creative writing classes, my school/community didn't have that opportunity for me, so I kept it up on my own, and expanded my abilities through my basic classes. Unfortunately, it is hard for me to write on command. I have to come up with my own inspiration or ideas in order to write something I'm truly proud of. Your daughter is still very young and loves writing. I suggest giving her specific ideas to write about so that she adapts to writing on command. It is, in most English and Lit classes all the way from Grammar school to High school, a requirement. If she truly loves writing and such, give her a good set of pencils and pens, a good eraser, a pocket notebook and a big fat notebook to write in when she gets an idea. It's important for every writer to be prepared for inspiration at any time :)
• Philippines
6 Feb 10
hi indiexsblime, My Andi wants to write in my laptop, she is inspired to write more with music at the same time. im trying to look for school now to enhance her talent because i want to enroll her in writing and speech class this summer. Being a mother, i am just here to support her, because i know this talents are productive thing, and i want her to be a productive individual in the future. thanks, thanks. take care..