why some people do everything for money??

@LisaGuo (241)
November 16, 2009 12:29am CST
why some people do everything only for money? Have you ever met some people who would like do everything for money?I did.Can you really understand this??I can't.
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@getbrowser (1708)
• China
16 Nov 09
money doesn't mean everything - Although it is not strange that there are many people who pay more attention to money, money doesn't mean everything.
In my eyes, there are always some people who do everything only for money. I guess almost all people may have met such kind of people before. At first, I have to say that money is really an important and necessary part of our life. If we want to enjoy a better life, we will have to work hard to earn more money. Money is not everything,but without money you can do nothing. So, it is not strange that there are many people who pay more attention to money. However, on the other hand, money doesn't mean everything. It is not wise to lay too much emphasis on money.
@advokatku (4033)
• Indonesia
16 Nov 09
I can understand why people do things just for the money because now all the necessities of life can only be met by money unless we are living in prehistoric times where money is unknown and we do things in a way barter
@reco13 (605)
• Philippines
16 Nov 09
Yes, I understand what you mean. There really are a lot of people out there who can do anything for money. Money now becomes the primary need of people, as without it, you won't survive. With money, you can buy everything you want, even people sometimes. That's why, they say that money is the root of all sins. But in reality, money is never the root of sins but the greed and so much love for money. We become slaves of money to control others. I also love money. All of us do. But too much love for it makes it wrong. I want enough money for me to buy my necessities but not to the point that I will sell my soul to hell. I even intend to donate money to the charity, the needy, and the church, if ever I will be lucky enough to have good fortune in the future. I always wanted a balance in life. And I want to share my blessings with others!
@picjim (3002)
• India
16 Nov 09
Yes i understand what you are trying to get at.Obsession with anything including money isn't good.I feel if we work hard and are good at any activity we undertake,money or riches will follow us.But to constantly do any activity with money in mind isn't good.
@carmelbg (519)
16 Nov 09
I met a couple a few years ago and all they cared about was money. They came across like all they wanted to do was to help people and were very friendly. It was only later that we discovered every time they "helped" they were getting paid commissions, backhanders or just creaming money off for themselves. I don't mind people making money if they refer you to a business etc but they should be honest about it and not deceitful.
@UnD1n3 (37)
• Malaysia
16 Nov 09
well, maybe money isn't as important to u than some people. altho money cant buy everything, u can't live without money.
@zhouxi (1754)
• China
16 Nov 09
i know a person.he really likes money than anything else in the world.he never gives up any opportunity to earn money.even a small amount of money.he is really a poor man.he was divorced.he doesn't have any really friend.all his friends just like his money not him.