have you left a pity on your school day?

November 16, 2009 12:57am CST
how time fly....I graduated from college for 6 months....my pity is i lost my best friend on my school day....what about you?
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• China
28 Nov 09
i have the same feeling with you that how time flies... i have graduateded from college for more than one year. And college life is the most unforgettable period to me. Of course, i have some pities, too. I didn't work hard in my college, i think if i have another chance, i will study well. And i also miss my friends too. And just like you, i lost my best friend when i was in my high school. and... don't worry, you can try to find your best friend back, he or she will be right there waiting for you if he is really your best friend, right?
• China
17 Nov 09
hi,chiristina, I have to say I leave a great pity on my school day that I didn't broaden my circle of friends. Most of the time, I stayed in dormitory watching movies and seldom went out or took part in activities. I've always wanted to make more friends and be more outgoing but I did it quite bad as a result.
@demo22 (20)
16 Nov 09
Yes my greatest pity is that I lost all those fun time and moments I had with my clsoe friends.As people rightly say time and tide waits for none so I still ponder about my funny days in school where I used to be lot happier and carefree without any tension.
@BART78 (2927)
• Canada
16 Nov 09
hi christina! well, it never impacted me any feelings of sadness to my friends cause we know after we graduated we gonna have each path to pursue, some of my college friends are still here and we see each other and some are no longer to be reach, the only pity for me that i felt is when i learned all of your professor in our class in no longer connected with our university..