what's the best age to marry in your country??

November 16, 2009 2:59am CST
first let me introduce my myself,i am from china ,a gril ,23 years old . I alway think i am still young and want to marry after two years ,but after my graduation from my unversity , I found more and more frinds and classmates have married .we are about the same age . when i took part in their wedding ,complex thought full my brain . one way i admire them ,the other way , i don't want to marry early. the more important is many my relative around me ask me when want to marry ,say it's the age to do that . so here i just want to ask frineds what's the best age to get marry in your country and when are you get marry . dear all ,happy everyday
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• Philippines
16 Nov 09
the best time to marry is up to the indiviual and not because it is peer pressure or because its trendy it is a simple choice really, but if you want to have children then the best time for you is before the age of 35 this is what many scientists are recommending to do that women who want to conceive after the age of 35 will find it harder to do and run the risk of encountering more complecations regarding pregnancy and labor.
• China
16 Nov 09
Thanks for your response ,friend .i know what you said and what you said it right .but i had to say ,the peer pressure sometimes is very effevtive if you have a boyfriend.
• China
17 Nov 09
no reponse ,no answers ,
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• India
16 Nov 09
according to Indian constitution minimum marriageable age is 18 for girls and 21 for boys, but nobody defines anything like best age for marriage here. I guess it is best when you really want it to happen. Medically a girl can have a good and health married life , if married between 21 to 25 year of her age with regard to pregnancy and health issues. Otherwise get married as per your convenience.