lonely in the classroom without them..:(

@Craicha (801)
November 16, 2009 4:29am CST
we took the course in caregiver that takes six months....when i start the course i was into the second module and i meet these two but before they are four but the other two endup there course lastmonth and happen these two feodda and ivy they are nice and my closed one in the class i called feodda the cute bcoz i like her when she laughs too much especially if were joking with each and the other one i called her pussycat..and tomorow they endup with the course.....for sure the room so quite without these two...bcoz theyre so funny and noisy...and me feelin sad in missing these two buddies...!!!
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@feodda (579)
• Philippines
18 Nov 09
Mommy Cha, don't you worry we are still here even wala na mi sa classroom. We will still have communication. ok. Love you, Mommy. Missing you.
• China
16 Nov 09
you will find someone else in your class is congenial for you. in fact, more and more friends will appear in your future!
• Philippines
16 Nov 09
Well, you could still communicate to each other after the course and even your not classmates anymore you could always have some get together outside. In my case, I'm taking up nursing and a 3rd year student now but the university has this system where every section is scrambled in every semester. Imagine having different classmates every semester?! And you can't even stay up in one group of friends because after the semester you will be scrambled again. It's like every semester your adjusting to different people and getting to have new friends that you know they might not be your classmate again next time. So I think when I'll graduate all of the students in our department know each other.