For college students: do you agree that grades depend on the professors?

November 16, 2009 9:26am CST
there are many issues about grades and professors editing them in our university. i just wanna ask you guys if you have experienced this, or even your opinion about this and what we students could do about it without compromising the feelings of faculty members. thanks for your future responses :))
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@ronnyb (6117)
• Jamaica
12 Dec 09
I think it does depend on the professor.i remeber no matter how hard I tried it seemed that my grade was always stuck at B. While there were students who worked half as hard as I did and always got an A.I am not saying some werent smarter than I was but I believe that some who were very chummy with professor were willing to sleep their way to the top and I also heard stories to taht effect too
• Philippines
18 Nov 09
In college, we are at the mercy of our professors. I was lucky to be in good terms with my college professors but I have seen some who had to shift to other courses or move to other classes because they are not in good terms with the professor and fears getting their grades affected.
@Natrina (37)
• Portugal
16 Nov 09
I think so. In college, the method of evaluation seems to change a lot from teacher to teacher. So not only do you have to be good in it, you have to know how to tackle the teacher's method of evaluation. If it's unfair, I don't think it's much. In general, everyone gets the same treatment (where I'm at at least :x), so it won't really hinder anyone at any stage of their academic development.
• Philippines
16 Nov 09
The grade of student should depend on his/her performance in class. But unfortunately, there is some professor that are too unfair... they have favoritism.
@UnD1n3 (37)
• Malaysia
16 Nov 09
totally! i was lucky for getting a really gud lecturer for 2 sems consecutively... coz of tat, i got an A for that subject=)