online shopping or being able to touch and experiment clothing?

November 16, 2009 11:54am CST
I live in a south country and I hate tropical clothing, that is why I'd rather buying online american or english clothing, much prettier, much cheapier, much more pratical! I have got a different sense of clothing and I et really frustraded when I go out to buy something and just hate EVERYTHING. Internet is lovely, the last thing I got from it was a pair of vegan boots, just like skinhead or gothic boots. Lovely!
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• Malaysia
18 Nov 09
yeah i totally agree with you guys, i still prefer to feel the material and try on the clothes to see if it's worth buying or does it fit my body well... though sometimes online stuffs mayb cheap but i only buy them when they're not available in my country or so... otherwise, i would not want to regret buying things from online which would'nt fit me properly...
@cher913 (25859)
• Canada
17 Nov 09
i would rather look at the garment and see how it looks on me before i buy it rather than buying clothes online. i am pretty picky and have recently lost weight so my body shape is different.
• Italy
17 Nov 09
I shop online only for the things I cannot find in regular shops or stores, thing that are only available abroad or auction items on ebay. Otherwise I really prefer to not pay transport costs, which raised quite a bit in the last few years and have the chance to touch and feel things.