how to cure a hangover?

November 16, 2009 1:54pm CST
hi, all mylotters, may you all experience this type of things going out and partying it up is just lots of fun,throwing back some cold onew with friends or lining up the glasses at the bar is some good way to blow of some steam after a grueling week of work but you wil know you have partied too hard when you wake up with the dreaded hangover, there is the pounding in your head like a thousand spikes being driven in, the rolling stomach and the feeling that if the world ended, you are not sure you would care. how to handle the horrible feeling and make us feel better at that moment?
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@free_man (7335)
• United States
16 Nov 09
Hello Small. Never had a hang over but from friends of mine I have heard that the hair of the dog will make the hang over go away. In other words drink what you drank the night before and it is supposed to stop the pounding hang over. I drink a little but never had that problem. Hope you get to feeling better soon. Next time stop drinking when you know your getting drunk that will keep you from getting the hang over. My sister says that she would drink tomato juice with a raw egg in it and it always cured her hang over. Sounds nasty and bet it is but it works for her. Good luck! Hope you have a great day!