Why Brazil Is A GREAT Investment

November 16, 2009 7:28pm CST
As we all know economies are recorded by the S-Curve of real estate. But what happens when the economy that we live in is going down hill? This is what we call a recession but is it really a recession or is everything on sale? That is up to you to decide. Just as an economy goes down, one must go up and in this case it is what some of us know to be the BRIC Countries. BRIC stands for Brazil, Russia, India, China in which were predicted to be the next big economies of the world and so have been showing this to be true. Lets take Brazil for example, since it is the economy which has got people hyped after they recently received the 2016 Olympics. Brazil is one of our BRIC Countries and is still apart of our Americas which makes it a little easier for investors to grasp the concept of investing in another part of the world besides where they currently reside. Brazil not only has the 2016 Olympics but also has the 2014 World Cup which is larger than both the summer and winter Olympics combined, and is a great economic booster. Did you know that the average property in Brazil would be able to rent out for $5000.00/week during world cup time depending where the property is? Brazil also has just recently found 2.5 trillion dollars of oil on the south east coast, and with oil prices gone up it is worth much more than just 2.5 trillion. This outstanding economy is not only tropical but has a great government system in which supports investors and business owners therefore helping grow the economy. Their technology is so advanced that they power their cars on sugar can ethanol which is the sugar in your coffee every morning. Brazil is on a scale one on the S-Curve and is quickly rising with some developments offering a 30% ROI(Return On Investment) a month. Brazil is probably one of the safest investments in the world right now with the US and Canada being in a recession, soon to be a depression based on some economists. They have some of the lowest living costs of 20% to the UK or Europe. It can be accessed by most International airports and has low risks of wars, terrorism or SARS. For the reasons above I believe Brazil is a GREAT investment!
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