How to keep the relationship with your boss?

@kevinll (967)
November 16, 2009 7:36pm CST
One day a mouse went for a walk in a park. At this time the mouse saw that a hummer was hitched by net and can not fly. The mouse asked the hummer,'Can I help you?' The hummer sneered at it and said,' You help me? I am a noble hummer and you are a dirty mouse. ' Several years later the hummer asked the mouse to office and said,'You are in charge of honey business for several years and no progress. You can not be accepted by company.' The mouse implored,'Do you still remember why you hire me? I tried my best to bite the net and saved you. So you promise me you would raise me for my life.' The hummer think it for a while and said,'I can not remembre that. Do you have any proof?' In fact it is not easy to make friend with your boss. When the company meet some difficulty the boss remember you. In good condition you may be ignored.
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• Philippines
17 Nov 09
It's really hard to maintain good relationship with bosses. Maybe because of the conflict in interest. For me, the best way to promote good relationship with bosses is to deliver what is expected from you in the highest quality possible. If your quality output has not been appreciated/recognized, maybe they're expecting a different output. I guess the key to this situation is to make sure that expectations were clearly stated/agreed from the very beginning.