Do you like listening to music of other cultures ?

@greenline (14848)
November 16, 2009 11:43pm CST
Hello myLotters. Mylot is a very unique community with members from countries around the world. People of different traditions and cultures have joined together. It is so nice to learn about one another's cultures. I have been getting addicted to songs and music of different countries. They are so beautiful and enchanting. Do you like listening to music of other cultures too ?
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• China
19 Nov 09
yes,mylot is fantastic,we can make many friends ,also you can learn different cultures,so listening to music of other cultures is good ,i also like to listening msic and dance,wonderful.
@asweetie (1188)
• India
19 Nov 09
hi green line, Yes i agree with you that this site mylot is very nice place to learn about various cultures and countries and you can make friends all over the world but the real problem here is who so ever send me msg about friendship usually try to hit me up like my phone number or my chat it as soon as i reply so i usually add them and thats it.. about music i love my Indian music and also some good western music.. But i understand only Hindi And English so in english i can listen to pop, western, country or others and Maddona and Michel jackson are my fav in foreign singers.
• United States
17 Nov 09
Once a month I get to see a Bollywood film at work. I love the music.I haven't listened in awhile but I do like The Gypsy Kings too.
@krajibg (11932)
• Guwahati, India
17 Nov 09
Hi greenline, Just it is. I have downloaded so far as many as 60 different country's folk songs and and dance as well. And my mission is to cover the whole globe. they are not understood but the the way they dance with the tune I feel I have got them and it is realty amazing.