What is your Favorite Rock Band or Act? 60's/70's/80's

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November 17, 2009 2:33pm CST
When I was 9yo in 1962 I use to mimic Elvis, I would take a baseball bat and pretend it was a guitar, then a few short months later the Beatles came out and Elvis was history! The fab 4 blew me away and I went to my dad and said "dad I want a guitar" really? he replied and I told him I want girls to scream for me the way they do for the Beatles and dad said "you dont need a guitar to get girls to scream for you, you just need to get married then you will have one screaming at you every day!" He got me the guitar anyway. Then not too much later Jimi Hendrix made his appearance and the Beatles took a powder, Now Im a stale old blues guitarist. I dont like much of todays music, I dont even consider it music but the older folks said that about our music back then. Who was your oldie but goodie band of the 60's/70's/and 80's?
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@sizzle3000 (3038)
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17 Nov 09
I have to say that my favorite band is the AC/DC. I like dirty deeds done cheap. I thought it had a good beat with interesting lyrics. My husband is a child of the sixties and likes Charlie Daniels Band and the Beach Boys. He likes mainly country music but on occation listens to late fifties music. My daughter has a lot of bands that she likes. Lately she's been really into Pillar and Three Days Grace. They're lyrics strike to the heart of what she feels and she gets into the rhythm. She loves will you be there from Pillar on they'er new album, Confessions. She also likes Pain from Three Days Grace's One X album. Her fiance got her Three Days Grace's new Cd Life Starts Now for Christmas. My daughter's fiance's favorite band has recently changed to Rev Theory. It's a semi-old band that has a lot of meaning in their songs. He also likes Breaking Benjamin and they're new cd Dear Agony. Pretty much anything that has a meaning to it that he can relate to is part of his favorite.
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20 Nov 09
Yeah, AC/DC is awesome! CD & BB are cool too! I dont know those other one's.