New Moon Premiere...and family

United States
November 17, 2009 7:50pm CST
I'm soo excited about New Moon so my mom bought tickets for me and my friend to go to the midnight premiere, and I get to skip school the next day so I was really excited! But then my mom bought an extra ticket and when I asked why she said because my stupid cousin wants to go! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! I'm still really excited but iritated because my cousin Riley has all the same stuff as me and copies me all the time and she gets really mad whenever I have friends over becuase I'm not paying sole attention to her, so I don't even think she'll have fun anyway. She always wants to go everywhere with me and it really annoys me! Anyway I was just wondering if you guys are should probably reserve your tickets soon becuase when I got mine that was the only show left at two different theaters, and his this happened to any of you?
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