Beagles are a mixed bag.

November 17, 2009 9:50pm CST
Ever since I was a child watching the Peanuts cartoons, I've wanted a beagle. My first two dogs were golden retrievers, which are really great dogs. They are loving and very easy to train. Then I got a beagle. It took my golden retriever about 2 weeks to be house broken, but it took the beagle over a year. If there were food around all the time, he'd never stop eating. He's like a human vacuum cleaner. And the barking and howling. I swear, he can hear someone 4 blocks away and starts to bark. I've tried two different bark collars, neither of them worked. But, he's totally worth it. He's a great dog and totally devoted to me. He does this cute thing when I crawl into bed each night by cuddling up to me and tucking his head up under my chin. I'm not sure why he does it, but I love it.
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@Britt17 (46)
• United States
1 Feb 10
Aww, I'm glad you love him so much. I have two beagles right now. Remember that every dog is individual. Our first beagle took only about 2 weeks to housetrain, but someone was home with him all the time to take him out. The two we have now took a couple of months. I think that is due in part to having two of them (they have to go potty at different times, and it's harder to keep an eye on both of them than just one). And yes they do bark when they hear someone outside. But they are such little lovers. Really wonderful dogs. On a bit of a seperate topic, I got a kitten a few months ago. Cats are supposed to instinctively know how to use the litterbox; they don't need to be trained. Well after a few weeks, he decided to start peeing outside the litterbox. Since we have the two dogs, I had been closing him in my bedroom at night, not wanting to put them together unsupervised just yet. Well it took me a few days to realize that he didn't like being seperated from his new "friends" and that was the cause for the innappropriate urination. As soon as I stopped closing him in, the peeing outside the litterbox stopped. As annoying as this experience was, I have to say I think I have a pretty smart cat!
• United States
12 Feb 10
yes rabbits do make good pets too. I have had several and they can be very sweet if handled often. And they each have their own individual personality.
@fgoemy (8)
• Belgium
23 Mar 10
I love beagles to. i have 2 females, the mother and her daughter. Laika, the mother had 2 pupies and i kept one and my sister adopted the other one so they still play allot together. They have there own ways, laika always sleeps on the bed but Indy sleeps on the floor. Dont know why, she just does that. I could not imagine a life whitout my 2 beagles, they dont listen, always do wath they want to do but i love them. they are the best dogs ever. hope you have lots of fun with him