why i like cats!

United States
November 17, 2009 10:37pm CST
cats are just so awesome the way they curl up into a little pile of fluffy joy! they are also evil but in a cool way there nice then they switch to mean then to nice... there kinda bipolar! i would turn down a million dollars if it ment my cat would live!
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• China
18 Nov 09
You are a cat person?I also like cat,but not as much as you.You are very crazy for cat.
• United States
18 Nov 09
i mean i have friends its just my cat is my best friend idk why he scratches the hell outa me
@ElicBxn (61143)
• United States
19 Nov 09
I have a few cats... (ducks as her friends throw things at her) and I've only got a few that get a bit aggravated with humans. Now Solo is another story. He's fine with people, but doesn't like too much handling. However, the cats pretty much try to guess his mood and avoid him if he seems upset. Zhaan now, even SOLO makes a wide arc around her! She will run across the room if she's upset to swat a cat, and has been known to take swings at us - but we don't know how long she was outside before we got her and I suspect that she was abused before she was dumped.
• Finland
18 Nov 09
i love my cats they are so sweet and friendly they even are good play friends sometimes.