Best paying program with no investment ?

@shanrox (382)
United Arab Emirates
November 18, 2009 7:01am CST
Is there any legit,worth and enjoable site that pays you a fine sum without any investment.Can I rreally make money online and earn around 300-500$ a month.I am currently doing PTC and surveys.Not getting surveys in my area. So can anyone tell me the way to get online money!!!!
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18 Nov 09
hi :) as a student i hav found myself constuntly searching the web for ways 2 make money online and from home bt hav 2 confess that ive had limited success. many of the ideas put forward on the net are schemes to catch u out. the person offereing the scheme may b making hundreds a day bt dats bcos there suckin so man ppl in will 2 pay 4 this brilliant idea, if it was reli tht brilliant then y wud he b offerin it 4 such a small amount, n if he was givin it away in this manner every1 wud b doin it makin it worthless. from my experience ive found that u can make small amounts 4m doin surveys and sum online sites will pay u 4 networkin bt if u reli r interested in workin 4m home on the net full tym then u will need 2 consider a stable business that cud run within the net lyk a sales company or your own website that ur in control of and running. if ppl where able 2 sit at there computer doing practically nuffink while money appeared in there bank accout no 1 wud workin in the real world. x
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@flagella08 (5068)
• Philippines
18 Nov 09
well with those kind of programs, you can earn a little. it's only mylot that's been paying me reasonably as of now. i knew a site that will pay us when searching topics. you can view that in my website located in my profile here. we can do a lot to earn online. just peep in my website. nice post you've got here.
@mlover (28)
• Indonesia
22 Nov 09
Do you know we can earn $100 from facebook via paypal ? Just go to url above and allow the application. All the info are there. It's not phishing :)
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• Philippines
23 Nov 09
okay i will be under your link if you will be a responsible referrer.please Pm me and add me as friend.thanks.
• India
24 Nov 09
hi mlover can you tell me how can I request the amount that i have earned through the paypal wish list. I have earned $1.