favourite scene from a movie

@bryanwmc (1052)
November 18, 2009 9:09am CST
Being a musical buff,among all the music genres i like,blues rank highly in my book...in terms of movies i ve watched about blues music, there is 1 scene from the movie 'Crossroads' which is still my all time favourite, guitar duel between the devil and the hero.Simple plot,devil challenges the hero to a guitar showdown, staking his soul as the prize, coz he sold his soul to the devil to be an ultimate rock and blues guitarist,Finale is when he wants to win back his soul in a guitar duel and takes the devil up on his challenge.Winner takes all! Scott Baio ,Morgan Freeman had the lead roles and the mind blowing guitar duel sequence was provided by the late stevie ray vaughn(fronted by Scott) and Steve Vai who played the devil's representative and played the guitar duel onscreen personally..2 rock and blues masters duking it out onscreen..man..what a trip! Can be seen in You Tube ! Guitar duels..!What is your favourite scene from a movie or Tv show thats most memorable to you?
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