Will you earn a dirty money?

November 18, 2009 11:35am CST
Dirty money means something that you gain in not so good way. You probably cheat, took without permission or hurt someone just to get some. Can you live a guilt-free life after taking this money? Or you will return it to the owner? What if you gained it accidentally?
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• Trinidad And Tobago
18 Nov 09
Well, I probably wouldn't steal money because that just isn't me. But, if I found it, then it's fair game... Such is life! If I know who the owner is then I'll likely return it. If I don't know who the owner is then I just may not care to find or locate the owner & keep the loot for myself. I'm no saint so as the saying goes: "Finders keepers, Losers weepers!"
@bbxe99 (207)
• India
18 Nov 09
If such money come to my hand first thing I'll do is seek for the owner to return. If not found - I'll not keep that money with me , it will go waste. I'll judge what best can use the money of - not for personal grooming but for personal welfare.