how do you cultivate good relationship skills?

November 18, 2009 12:36pm CST
many of us who arent in a relationship, and many of us who are, need to learn realtionship skills. the bottom line is htat we must learn"how to love", as cliche as it sounds. another cliche that is often quoted goes something like this--"you will never learn antoher until you love yourself" all these cliches sound pretty and are probably solid advide, but how can we putthem into practice and develop relationship skills? if we want to develop a strong relationship with a partner, what can we do to learn to love?in other words, how do you cultivate good relationship skills?
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• Philippines
19 Nov 09
To have a good relationship skills is to measure your knees to the floor. Every good relationship that we may have for husband and wife or for girlfriend and boyfriend or even to your families and friends can be develop when you pray a lot.This is because each of us is unique we have different ideals, thinking and etc..
• India
19 Nov 09
relationship is one of the most important factor during day to day life.many times relations are not created they are cultivated by maintaining good communication with one understanding others problems and helping them.
• Philippines
18 Nov 09
Hello smallcloude! I am currently in a relationship for 4 years now. It's really hard to keep someone for long, we've had a lot of circumstances that went on our way and even broke up serveral times. But still worked them out and continued to love each other until this time. There are a lot of love gurus who gives good advices that can inspire us on how to keep it. But its always ourselves who can put it into practice if we can and it can relate to our norms. For me the best thing that can keep someone is communication, understanding and of course, CHOOSING TO STAY IN LOVE. Cause loving someone is a choice. We can choose to love still or not. At times, we come to the point of being bored to our partner and tend to look up to someone else, but still we have the ultimate choice wether we give in to that feeling or not. Its not how much love we have at the beginning, but how much love we can give until at the end because loving takes a lifetime to be proved. Hope this helps :-)