can you receive your boyfriend or your girlfriend is different your country ??

November 19, 2009 12:23am CST
I know person from different country ,have a lot of troubles to overcome ,like the language ,culture ,eating habit etc. today i saw an article from an famous magnize says a chinese boy and an germany girl fall in love each other ,after making friends for 3 three years ,now they are married and have twins ,happiness full of this family everyday ,the boy learning english and germany for this gril ,and this girl learning chinese for this boy ,they also overcome lots of troubles ,but they sucess ,the boy said his wife is worth to be loved and he will love her all the time ,the germany girl said her husband is reponsible and is the best man in this world so friends ,can you receive your boyfriend or your girlfriend comes different country ,if have this situation ,how are you revolve these differences
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@xzvzion (134)
• Singapore
19 Nov 09
Yup, I could, if I really love her or I can stomach their strange or foreign or radical culture. For me, a woman of the same religion is my minimum requirement, to avoid any confusion and problems. How about you?
• China
19 Nov 09
yeah ,you said it ,if you reall love her ,alougth there yor lots of troubles ,you are be confident to overcome them
• China
20 Nov 09
The road to success is very hard,but I trust that they can make it if they fall in love with each other!