Do you think scary movies are even scary anymore?

By Link
United States
November 19, 2009 1:05am CST
I know with so much digital technology and advancement with special effects these days making creepy scary people is easy. But most of these horror films use loud noises and intense music to try to scare you, and most of it is still so predictable. I have never been into "slasher" films. They seem so ridiculous to me. I mean, how are these people running away from a killer who is walking, yet still cannot get away? How come crazy people are so hard to kill? Why are they so much stronger than regular people? How come none of these poor people getting chase never pick up a knife, chainsaw, or gun themselves and just shoot the crazy killer in the head? I mean, come on, am I supposed to believe Jason can really carry a chainsaw all over the place for a full night without getting tired? Michael Meyers must walk marathons, he's been chasing people for like 20 years! Now, Freddy Krueger is scary, he gets you when you sleep, and it is impossible to never ever sleep, you'd just end up dying anyway. Chucky, dolls are just scary on their own. Walking and talking? Now that is freaky. But I always thought it was stupid that he would actually kill someone. I would have just kicked him into a wall and burned the doll. But still, freaky as hell to see a doll walking and running around in the dark. So what about you all, do you think horror movies are what they used to be? Even with all of the special effects?
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• Philippines
19 Nov 09
honestly scary movies are not that scary anymore. coz almost all movie makers go with more effects. they tend to neglect the storyline and oftentimes when the movie gets out, you can be scared of the characters however the storyline is as bad as it gets. i still think japanese horror movies are better. :)
• United States
19 Nov 09
I agree. Usually the story line is poorly written, or generic, and most of the time is spent on trying to create creepy digital effects, which can be cool, but of COURSE you can scare people by popping up a scary face that screams with a loud noise going too, you know?
• Philippines
21 Nov 09
I think most of the films that you have mentioned are more into the gore genre or zombie. I mean with all those killing, guts spilling all around. Seems like the effects are more concentrated on getting the blood and body parts seem real. And I agree that mostly they make up on the sound to cover the poor script or plot. Scary movie should be into the essence of surprise. It should be on the basic fear of man. These fear should be something that is elemental to reality. I mean it makes the reader relate to it. Something that makes us think that it is possible to happen in real life. This will definitely scare the hell out of you. For example of these are those of the asian countries scary movie. The effects are quite simple. But then what scares us most is the idea of applying it to real life. What if this would happen to you. Like seeing something in the mirror after washing your face. Or taking a bath without knowing that instead of water coming out of the faucet, it is actually blood. Just imagine these. It really is scary.