Do you love fish recipes?

November 19, 2009 8:45am CST
Though chicken is my top fave I still wanna have fish everyday. Aside from the good protein that we get, most fish have no cholesterol so it’s really good for the health. I am collecting fish recipes so that there will be some variants every meal.though they’re just simple recipes but im gladthat my family enjoyed them. Do you love fish recipes?
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@adhyz82 (36255)
• Indonesia
19 Nov 09
i really love fish foods. fish is easy to get in my country so many recipes use fish as important food everyday. ya, fish is good for our health.
@gicolet (1703)
• United States
19 Nov 09
I love fish as long as their bones don't stick between my teeth. lol My favorite is baked salmon with squeezed lemon. Most fish recipes are very easy to prepare but I don't eat fist everyday like you do so I'm not worried about it. I eat fish maybe about 2-3x a month. Happy fish eating :)
@nimaro (94)
• United States
19 Nov 09
Most fish are very simple to prepare. Almost any fish tastes great when you grill it. Just marinate it (If you're lazy a great marinate is simply non-creamy italian dressing) and grill it. Make sure your fish is fresh. The fresher the fish, the more it won't smell like anything. Contrary to popular belief, fish does not smell. It's the sitting off ice and being exposed to air that makes the smell after a few days. The freshness makes a HUGE difference in texture and taste. If you don't live somewhere near the water, ask who you're buying from how long the fish has been out of the water. I never eat anything that's been sitting around for more than a 10 or 12 days. Sadly, that's already how long most supermarket fish has been laying around.