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Flirting with a girl - Ways or tips to flirt with a Girl
@sunnycool (12736)
November 19, 2009 11:53am CST
I am starting this discussion so that i can gain new ways of flirting.coming to me i am not bad at flirting but i think i am not an easy going one.I had no experience in flirting with girls coz i am really a shy person.If a girl comes to me nd expresses her interest then i can get along with her.I have never gone to girl nd talked to her or even tried to flirt which means i have a starting problem which means i wait for girls to come to me rather than expressing interest myself to her.some think tat i am arrogant but the reason behind it i feel i would really appreciate if u guyz can pass on some tips so tat i wouldnt loose another hot girl.
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20 Nov 09
You could act nice , but don't push your luck.Don't go around making a fool out of everyone just to impress a girl/boy, because if you do that and the girl doesn't like you anymore, you lost the luck of being a girlfriend/boyfriend,and you aren't the person's friend that you made a fool out of ,too.Be yourself and be funny. Do not put on the tough guy act and don't be a bully while around anyone to try to impress the gals. Actually girls like guys that are strong looking yet show a softer side to themselves.
@sunnycool (12736)
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23 Dec 09
Hi Nishant,some of your points resemble me though but i really didnt try to impress any girl till now coz i am a shy person and i always backed off thinking that they shouldnt take me to be a fool.thank you for responding.good day.