spottin a liar and dealing wiv it wen its a friend

November 20, 2009 10:31am CST
how do u deal wiv lying wen it involves people close to u? i have 2 best friends 1 of which i hav 2 say has been more of a friend to me than the other she howeva has rely hurt the ova 1 by lying to her and me n practically every1 else bt do i put up wiv this on the basis tht the other friend does nt expect me 2 do nefink (despite sheis clearly unhappy)and the lying 1 has been much more of a friend neway or shld i take sides and risk losering the 1 hu lies so that ive got a truth telling bt m such a gd friend in ova respects???
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• United States
21 Nov 09
I can not stand a liar!! I will not have nything to do w/a liar & have never understood why people do lie. They are going to get caught up w/sooner or later.
• India
20 Nov 09
if they are that close to u y dont u try to fill the gap between them that will will for all three of u and wont have to lie to anyone about ur friendship and if was in ur place i would have left the person who lie most of the time.