How would you like your bedroom?

November 20, 2009 10:29pm CST
This morning,I woke up at 6:30 for the first time,and I went back to sleep cuz I dont have to work.___ nice weekend.Besides,Its been cold here for a week.I slept on and didnt feel like getting up,so I dreamt a little.I started to look around my bedroom,its nice,but its not big enough,even a little crowded because of so many stuffs.And it doesnt have a glass wall with fantastic views outside.__ Thats what I nedd!In the morning ,the sunshine goes through the glass wall,making my bedroom warm and urging me to get out of my bed.Then I wouldnt sleep too late!lol I want a big and comfortable bed in my room,a nice dresser,a bathroom against a window,with a broad view outside.Its ok if there isnt a TV.I can just sit by the glass wall and enjoy the wonderful nature.Of course,I need my love to share all this with me. How do you like it?I hope one day I can really have such a bedroom. Do you like your present bedroom?If not,how would you like your bedroom?
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@maezee (41300)
• United States
21 Nov 09
My room is kind of .. blah. Not too much going on in it, really. I am rarely in my room (although, surprise surprise, I am right now!) and so it's not very.. homely or lived-in. It's just a bed and some clothes. I would like it to be a little more personal, but I'm planning on hopefully moving outta here pretty soon, so it's like, what's the point?
• China
2 Dec 09
Well,I hope you'll like your new bathroom.
• Philippines
27 Apr 10
my bedroom has a toddler bed,a crib and my full size bed. my ideal room right now would be having my own bedroom without my kids in it. but now would decorate it. it would have to be a zen state.soothing and warm colors with scented candles and a plush tv
@babs6219 (153)
• United States
17 Dec 09
I want my room (our room) to have a California King sleigh bed in cherry wood, with a matching dresser and nightstands. However, I'm a lot more likely to look at the paint in the room to make me happy. Anything too bright, I can't sleep. Anything drab or tacky makes me sad. If anyone else is like me, look here for inspiration... Awesome question!
@titansaha (188)
• India
23 Nov 09
Hi sweetyethot, That exactly is what I wish my bedroom to be too. Like you my bedroom has a lot of stuffs in it. Although I do not have glass wall but through my glass window the first rays of the SUN do come flooding in. We are so much alike in thoughts, arn't we? I too, like you, every time wish to be with nature right from the time when I open my eyes at dawn. I really wish that your dream comes true soon. It is really a lovely post. Keeps smiling ever. Regards
@kawalnarang (1095)
• Trinidad And Tobago
21 Nov 09
Hope u get it soooooooooooooooooooon,,I wish I could help
• China
21 Nov 09
long long ago,my bedroom is big and beautiful,but now i am living in dorm,my spaceroom become very smaller and smaller,i still like the bed ,my food and pc ,placed in bed,that's so cool
@bounce58 (17447)
• Canada
21 Nov 09
I would be happy if I could have one of those ikea bedrooms. Where everything matches. Like the headboard, the side table, and chest at the end of the bed. Then there is that flat screen TV in front. And the walls painted earthy brown. I can't afford all that, so I will start by painting the room. Maybe next year. If I ever get around to doing it.
• United States
21 Nov 09
Please, my bedroom has a toddler bed, a crib, and my full size bed. My ideal room right now would be having my own bedroom without my kids in it, lol. But how would I decorate it?? It would have to be a Zen state, soothing and warm colors with scented candles and a plush bed!!!! Throw in a 52" television too!!!