Did you often go to IMDB site?

@icecubic (1848)
November 20, 2009 11:19pm CST
As i love any kind of movie and i wan to get more information about new movie that i wanna see, i often go to IMDB just for investigating that. There is many information like revie, artist list and other interest stuffs. So how about you? Did you often go to this site?
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@dodo19 (42600)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
1 Feb 12
I actually use it quite a bit. Sometimes, I just want to search something about a movie, or actor, or something. I find that it can be very useful.
• Croatia (Hrvatska)
13 Jun 12
Oh, yeah. I love it. It's the best and most detailed movie site on the internet. And the user ratings for films are for the most part really good and helpful when it comes to choosing which movie to see next.
@UmiNoor (4353)
• Malaysia
14 Jun 12
I go to IMDB quite often since I too love to watch movies. I go there to search for information about a movie or to look for good movies to watch. Because IMDB has lists of movies according to genre, it's easy to find good movies to watch that would be from the genre that I like. I love using IMDB and it's the go to site for movie info for me.
@b10492 (26)
• India
18 Jan 12
Yes I always going to imdb.com for search new released movies, action and horror movies
@marmar75 (168)
• Australia
23 Apr 10
Yeah, it's very interesting. You can learn so much from that site, especially about your favorite movies. I love digging into the trivias, goofs and quotations.
• Philippines
26 Mar 10
I love going to imDB.com for info that I go there almost everyday. Before I watch movies, I check ratings (I just did some minutes ago The Curious Case of Benjamin Button will be on our local HBO in 30 minutes. I still can't decide whether to watch) and discussions to know if I might like the film. I also check out the trivia section for artists. When I see a familiar face on TV that I can't really remember that it's bothering me, imDB is my salvation. I also go there to see the works of my favorite artists. Hooray for imDB!
@Wismay (2038)
• India
16 Feb 10
Yes, usually I go to imdb to know more information about a movie. Including the rating. I find it one of the most useful sites when it comes to movies. Happy Mylotting!
• Philippines
21 Nov 09
Yeah for movie ratings =) so we can watch quality movies and not some low budget boring movies. good source for movie information. =)