When mommy cried ...

@samawati (140)
November 21, 2009 5:44am CST
I remember my childhood as if it happened yesterday , it was not the best one but I endured and survived it to live to tell it. My mom was not the happiest woman in our street , having married the wrong man she had to put up with his endless raging on about things gone south in the house.The slightest thing would tip over this house of cards that I lived in.I grew up amidst a lot of hostility and hate , because it was evident that my dad dint really love my mother ..they just came together and dint know how to separate. I would have turned out sour and really mentally messed up if it wasn't for my mom , she was the impenetrable shield that protected me from all the up's and down's.I have since come to forgive my father since it's pointless to stay angry at someone who no longer has any control over you , but the bitter taste in my mouth will never go away whenever I remember the past that he was.I still remember when mommy cried ...
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• United Arab Emirates
21 Nov 09
Hi, Sorry for what you experience in the past. This is the fact of many parents that they dont bother their children's feeling about their relationship. And mothers always have to be very strong. They must not cry in front of their children. It disturb them for the whole life.