myLot 70% content is undetectable spam

@samawati (140)
November 21, 2009 6:23am CST
I have been using myLot for a few days now and I have found out that a lot of the content that users submit is not really cohesive in any way to the nature or need for starting a discussion. Simply put,some people (a lot of people) just start discussions hoping to get responses or meet a certain personal quota of the day , other people resort to using multiple accounts to respond to their own topics which makes myLot a really huge spam zone. I wish there was a way to filter this so that other people who like to discuss in a more etiquette manner can have a sustainable environment to do so and also earn from it. Perhaps limit the number of discussions a person can start in a day to something like 5 or a reasonable number.This would definitely reduce the traffic but increase the quality of the content on here , after all a niche zone is one with good content ...not necessarily a huge traffic base.What do other myLotters think?
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• Philippines
11 Dec 09
hello samwati, that worries me too since some users out there might try to take that advantage. I admire your suspicion about users using multiple accounts. that really really really worries me too. since you're new here, we had this old mylot user before that we busted a long long months ago for trolling a fellow mylotter and making a mess of her star (reputation) as it affects our earnings if it's low. you know neobux has a system that detects people who is foolish enough to create multiple accounts. how ever that would be impossible now in mylot because they allow users to share computers and Paypal accounts which is contradictory to your suggestion. maybe it's a flaw that mylot should oversee.
@Hatley (164237)
• Garden Grove, California
30 Nov 09
samawati you have not been here very long and I have been here a while. I just do not see what you seem to see. as for multiple accounts that is impossible as mylot admins does not allow that. as for how much we do here that is up 'to any of us, there is sure no law saying we cannot post 'as much as we want to. as for earnings yes some of us need those earnings. I have not seen many breaches of etiquette here but have seen a lot of discussions lately making much ado about nothing. You cannot have multiple accounts here so no they are not responding to their own discussions unless you are confusing our comments we make to the responses'we get on our discussions and those are not illegal at all. you are stirring up a hornests nest where there are no the damned rules instead of saying such stuff about our discussions.
@KrauseHome (36750)
• United States
25 Nov 09
Well, there is a lot of stuff here definately that is not the Best content that is for sure. Many times people start a discussion here never taking the time to think about the type of content involved in it, or if there is real content and matter to it as well. Or they just post New discussions here all the time never taking time to respond back to any of them, or respond back to anyone else's here as well. Personally even on the days I spend most of my time here, I could never imagine starting more than like 3-4 discussions at most in a day. I enjoy being able to talk more with others getting to know everyone, and wish that there were others who felt the same. But we do need to also remember we have people coming in here from all over the World, so that could be part of the challenge as well.
@shadow41 (2356)
• Philippines
21 Nov 09
You're right about most of the posts here. Members are posting discussions after discussions without having good contents. Many post only have one or two lines and as what you've said, it falls in the category of spam. But myLot has it's own way to countering those activities. They're deleting most of those post. Others pass or didn't get noticed by the admins here but those members who posted spam like discussions won't receive much compensation for their work. So still myLot will benefit from those posts. So I don't think limiting members here for 5 discussions a day won't do any good for myLot. Well that's only my idea. shadow41