The Kindness of NeoBux

November 21, 2009 10:50am CST
Hello fellow myLotters, It is not everyday that we see charity, and when we do, we should always try to commend it in whatever way possible. Recently, a budding PTC website called SVBux, one of the most profitable ones to have recently emerged in a long time, went down due to some issues with the owner of the PTC script, as well as some DDoS attacks. While many members immediately thought "scam", "bots", "this Admin has run with our money", through some negotiations with the Admin of NeoBux, there will now be refunds for all those who did not get their investment back at SVBux, provided they meet certain criteria at NeoBux (for example: they must be registered for more than 3 months at NeoBux etc.) More information can be found at the actual Announcement at NeoBux's forums: It must feel so embarrassing for those individuals who joined SVBux and were criticizing and disrespecting NeoBux, to have to put their tails between their legs and come back to the generous NeoBux Admin to get their money refunded. I have lost money at both SVBux and TuiBux, and this now only teaches me one thing - although there are many competitors to NeoBux, no matter how attractive or profitable they seem to be, I will NEVER invest in any of them again.
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