How do you spend your week ends?

November 22, 2009 1:06am CST
for me all the 7 days are almost the same except that I watch more television programs on Sundays. I know people in West are enjoying a lot on week ends. how about you? What do you do on these days?
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• India
25 Nov 09
Hi vijayanths, For me from Monday to friday i have busy schedules i will be free only on weekends. I compleate all my pendings works which i have to do. I take care all cleanings things on saturdays. Sundays i go out with friends sometimes or i always be at my cousins house.
• Philippines
24 Nov 09
I am boring type of person I only stay at home. What I do is to sleep late during Saturday night because I do all my writings during that day and wake up late during Sundays and rest for whole day. I watch television, read books and listen to music. I bond with my family, all the stories about us in weekdays are all tackled during weekends.
@jugsjugs (13038)
22 Nov 09
My weekends are just like your same things todo as well as the same things that i have done every day of the week.The usual cleaning up coming on the pc to earn money.On a Sunday night i tend to go out to the pub with a friend and on a weekend the children are at home from school.
@ckyera (17342)
• Philippines
22 Nov 09
hello vijayanths! usually, when its friday or saturday, i am doing the laundry! and sundays? well, its our worship day and so we are kinda busy for this day...waking up earlier than the usual...and in the afternoon, my husband is playing basketball together with our other church members and i go with him and cheer for him! happy weekend yaar!
• United States
22 Nov 09
Sunday is cleaning day. On Saturday it is grocery shopping. This Saturday my husband and I actually had a little extra money so we decided to go bowling. We had a lot of fun. I know we are struggling, but we figured once in a while it is ok to spoil ourselves. We do watch tv Sunday night. I always cook a good meal on Sunday. I will also try to come online and make a little money.
@artofreed (130)
• Indonesia
22 Nov 09
Sometimes I'm visiting my friend, just for lunch or go to the cinema, or just watch the Sports Program on Television.
• Italy
22 Nov 09
Saturday is always a training day for me, the day in which I test how effective the weekly training worked. Usually in the afternoon I'm too tired to do anything else, but lay on the couch and rest, maybe while reading a book and drinking hot tea. Sometimes at afternoons I o out shopping, but rarely, besides, I am not mad about shopping. On Sunday either I go out for a fair or market or party or anything, or I just stay home and chill out.
• China
22 Nov 09
I will go home for dinner,the family happy together.WITH my sister play cards ,play computer,sometimes I will go to see my grandmother,Chat with she.Most of the time she give me a thing of the past.And she like listen my words for my own thing,I and my grandmother is the best of friend.I love her.As long as do meaningful things,we will be happy.
• Canada
22 Nov 09
I like to switch things up a bit, so i just do things spontaneously on the weekends. depends on my mood.
@mfbz78 (189)
• Malaysia
22 Nov 09
same like you... i also love to watch television. Some time i just suft on internet the full day :D