the day ahead?......

@twinklee (894)
November 22, 2009 5:31am CST
how will you start of the day?.......a look into the mirror getting up from the bed but wanting to sleep more , quickly going through event that is gonna happen on that day?.....or do you make the day get better of you by being lazy , unwilling to get started......hope everyone would fall into the first category but we have to be honest but acccepting the fact that sometimes we are lazy......
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• United States
26 Nov 09
The day, a look into the mirror. Sleep more. Quickly being lazy, but honest. Accepting the fact unwilling. -----These are words & groups of words I took from original post. And I rearranged them into a reply.
@BART78 (2930)
• Canada
22 Nov 09
hi twinx! yup i'm guilty on that! i'm lazy during weekend...if i could i want to stay on my bed and sleep all day and how wish somebody will just give me food on my bed but the things is i'm living alone in my apartment so i need to kick my own butt, weekdays is horn to horn day for me..