Chinese - the universal language

November 22, 2009 7:11am CST
A friend told me that the economic projection says Chinese will be the universal language and Not English. DO you believe in this?
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@danitykane (3191)
• Philippines
22 Nov 09
hi rima! The possibility in this world are endless. So it might happen but, I really don't think it will happen soon or in anytime right now. Since, people can easily adapt with the english language and everyone has been using it as their first or second language, it is really hard to tell if we can use it as the universal language at all. Shifting to another language especially if that language uses symbols or characters instead of letters that most people know, seems hard to learn.
@crazybubu (230)
• India
22 Nov 09
Well I dont think that chinese will be a universal language atleast in the recent times.I know china is growing at the rate of knots and the development is fast paced,moreover mandarin whihc is the language spoken by most people on earth is a chinese regional language.But to take the place of english which has got such an impact,it will take some time.....
@coldmoon (1092)
• France
22 Nov 09
I don't believe that chinese will be the first language. The gold rule for a language to dominate the world is its simplicity and efficiency that can't be found in the ideograms. Even nowadays, many chineses think of learning English as a necessary medium for communication.
@leafsound (349)
• China
22 Nov 09
I am a chinese, and I know my homeland. I trust chinese will not be the universal language in ten years. The development of china is very fast, so every one think china will be number one. But I say no. The development in china is based in destroying the ecological environment and reducing the people's social welfare. So I think that china is regressing than other's developed countrys. I wish you give china some advices for developing.