A good story started-- AIRFRAME

United States
November 22, 2009 9:22pm CST
This is a old fiction years ago that marked ' the New York Times bestseller'. I just read one third of it and was atracted. It told about many knowledge about a plain and safty when travel by plain. I was surprised to learn that DFDR-Digit flight data recorder was not important as we heard from the news. Those disks and related tools that record the flight data only maitained once a year and was not required by the FAA. Sometimes when there was accident, those disks did not function well. The story started when there was a flight incident: A plain encountered severe 'turbulence', as described by the pilot, and no warning about it. So a lot of people got injured and a few died. It was horrible. Then the plant that built that plane started to investigated what happed. They tried to learn whether it was a pilot error or plane fature that caused a turbulence, when there was not any sign of bad weather. I'm looking forward to know the mystry following.
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