Do you think anyone's ever made a living hunting down spammers?

United States
November 23, 2009 5:42am CST
So I was thinking about this for a while and all the spam I get in my email and I thought to myself, do you think there is anyone that actually makes a living hunting down and sueing spammers? I mean take a look at this, Not a referral link, obviously. It's basically a site that very clearly explains the law "loophole" that allows you to sue as it's "unlawful" as they put it to spam people with unsolicited advertisements. Which brings me to my point that through this if you personally followed up on each spam email and found it's true origins you should feasibly be able to sue for $500(or whatever monetary loss incurred.) for EACH violation. So i'm curious if there is anyone that actually made a living sueing each and every spammer that tormented them. Think it's feasible? Or a long shot? Afterall, if you're computer savvy.. and get a LOT of spam, I can see that adding up real quick. Just a thought. What's your opinion on this? Have you sued a spammer before(..and won?), or at least. properly reported them to the right authorities? Feel free to share your input.
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