Heroin! - a bit about myself, my story in short!

November 23, 2009 7:47am CST
I had used most other recreational drugs but i was 18 when i used Heroin for the first time and i did not know what it was i just thought i was chasing some kind of hash oil and within a few days it was too late i was hooked! I loved it and it used me! Within a year i was injecting and within 5 yrs i had collapsed alot of the veins in my arms and it was awful the mess i got into trying to get a hit! But the drive of the addiction keeps you going on. My addiction put me in many horrible places, i remember one of my worst was when knocking on my mothers door she put the intruder chain on and wouldnt let me near and asked me never to come back again as she was ashamed, another was on a christmas morning in a leaky old tent raining hard with not a soul in the world that wants to say happy Christmas (there were many more before this), i cried my eyes out and it was that January that i handed myself in to the police for my outstanding drug crime warrants as i had enough i had been to prison for drugs numerous times before but this time i served a year and a half and stayed clean throughout! it changed my life as i realised i didnt want that life any more i just needed a way out. Methadone helped me and im still on a maintenance script to this day and i have been off Heroin for about 2 years all in all. Its still very hard as i loved the feeling as it numbed me from the troubles i had over the years but i have to stay strong and rebuild bridges as i have none of my old friends by my side just a few new supportive friends and a couple and old ones and my family is giving me 'ANOTHER' Chance God bless them. Should i be forgiven for my mistakes? I want everyone to trust me again i only know this will come in time but i do need to be positive and for others not to be too negative toward me or this will bring me down.
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