Helping out parents?

United States
November 23, 2009 11:37am CST
Hello, Well, I used to be very close with my mom. I would say towards the end of high school is when it got different between us. My mom is a single parent and I understood that never took advantage of the situation. Well, when I was about 19 my boyfriend moved in because he had no where to go and we everything was fine. My mom has a problem with budgeting money and I would always have to over help her and it made me angry. Anyways my boyfriend at the time offered me to Miami and I was thinking it would be a good thing for me and more opportunity so I left. I am not sure at what point in time what happened but I think she snapped. I still talked with her daily and kept her informed. I think it was less than a year that I was in Miami where she called me and told me that I had to come get my stuff because she was getting evicted. Luckily at that time she had my aunt to go to and lived there for a little bit. Then she end up moving with some so called friends of hers and I have no clue what happened with that and she ended up somewhere else after that. The last place she was at the people decided to move to another state and she had no where to go and I had no clue what she was going to do and she told me not to worry about it. I never invited her to Miami because I was with my boyfriends family and going through my own problems with them and even I became homeless a couple of times. I get a phone call saying she went to a town I never heard of with a guy she doesn't even know. He paid for her to take a bus to where he was and she has been living there ever since. Every couple of weeks there seems to be a problem with them, either arguing or she is not working enough hours or something. Sometimes I feel like I am the adult listening to a little kid. Finally, I am settled and I have my own apartment that I worked very hard for. I been to hell and back being alone down here with no one and no help. I went from being homeless a couple of times to now working at a good job and being stable. My question is my mom keeps having all this drama with this guy and I am just over it. I know it is my mom but in a way I don't want her here because I like where I am at and what I have accomplished. I don't want her to come with me and the relationship we once had isn't the same. We are 2 different people now and I am just confused what to do. I know that it's my mom but I don't think I can handle her ways....What should I do?
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