How much would you pay?

@sharone74 (4838)
United States
November 23, 2009 11:59am CST
A friend of mine and I took up a fitness project last year. I to improve upon some skills that I already had and she needed to start from scratch. Now that she is on to the intermediate work and tricks she and I have been thinking about opening either a studio of our own or cutting a deal to teach a class in an already established gym and we would provide the equipment. I used to teach a pole dance for fitness beginners class in North Hollywood a few years ago. Back then I was an intermedite myself. Now that I am moving into the more advanced tricks and combinations I can break down and teach beginners, intermediate, and even the first stages of advanced tricks. I would like to establish a class for making money but also so that I can practice indoors. My house is so small that I had to install my pole outside, which due to vagaries in the weather is good at times and not at times. However my friends pole is in her house but then she has three daughters living there, two of whom I am already teaching and we don't get enough pole time ourselves unless we spend hours, and we really don't have that time with working and everything else. Teaching at least one class per evening would keep me in shape and would support a business provided that we kept a minimum of 10-15 students and did at least 3 classes per week. Not all students would take each class which would bring the number of students total to at least 30-40 which makes it a feasible business. Plus I could rent the space to a yoga or pilates instructor during the day also. It would also give me a full 15 or 20 ft pole to work out and practice on myself (the one I have is only 8) I would like to open the business before the sport explodes onto the scene in the 2012 Olympics because once it does there will be a lot of people looking for a studio that teaches pole dancing for fitness. There are also studios that teach classes online to students with their own poles at home So on my days off and spare time I can create podcasts and recordings for online students as well. I also have an amazon a store in which I sell fitness poles and other equipment. So my question is this how much would you pay per 1 1/2 hour class or 2 hour class. How much for all access per week so students can retake a class or just have access to our poles any time that we're open throughout the week to practice. When I was teaching in NoHo it was $30 per class or $55 for weekly access. It will be a great way to stay fit, participate in and teach a sport that we love, and her daughters love (mine wants to learn but lives in Las Vegas, too far away for me to teach except by internet)even if the girls don't become world class athletes they can still teach and work at the studio if they like when they are older.
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@tutul0045 (2630)
• India
24 Nov 09
Hi, I think its differant in every region. You cant compare the rates with one place to another. The gym i go to train has aerobics and dance classes too. They charge 900 Indian rupees per month which is around 20 USD per month. So look its differant here. Well i hope u do good in yr new venture and get lots of students. Cheers, Tutul
@aerous (13459)
• Philippines
23 Nov 09
I think it varied upon the the economics condition so that all student can afford the fee. Since the economy is getting slow payment should also cut as affordable to all the student then they come back again and again. If you look that cutting a fee is reasonable enough for the business you need to it to maintain class. But if you want that fee is stable I think your student will be varied in number...I don't know what is the reasonable price but you need to have a feasibility study first to set the price acceptable for your student...have a nice day!