Healthcare Reform Bill

Elkin, North Carolina
November 23, 2009 2:51pm CST
If you're like me, you're sick of hearing about this new healthcare reform bill and how absurd it is becoming! It is a known fact that healthcare needs to be reformed and major changes need to be made, sooner rather than later, but our government is basically screwing everything up by inserting their power and authority where it was never intended to be. The people of this great nation have been telling those in authority that we want LESS/SMALLER government, and what do they do? They increase their reach of power by trying to oversee everything imaginable, all the while standing by saying that they care about the needs and desires of the American people; what a joke! The fact is, those in power--Democrats and Republicans--are looking out for themselves and those interests that are important to them, while the common working class in America are getting the short end of the stick. What are some things that you believe should be done in this country in order to reform healthcare without costing the nation an exorbitant amount of money? Personally, I believe that if the government wants to step in and assert their authority, then they need to go to the insurance companies and force them to offer competitive, more inclusive rates rather than placing an undue burden on the people of this country. How about you? What is your opinion on this? NOTE: I am not bashing the President, or singling out an individual or political party, I am speaking of the government as a whole
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• Canada
22 Dec 09
Very well said. I dont think there is much the government can do to avoid spending massive amounts of money. Instead I think the first priority should be to reform healthcare, which in my opinion would have been to include the public option in any healthcare reform bills. The public option while expensive offers the best coverage for the masses. The lack of this is what is really costing the american tax payers in other forms: insignificant ailments becoming serious consitions; loss of productivity; bankrupcy due to healthcare related costs. It sucks to say but there is no easy way out of his one and it is not helped by those falling for insurance company lobbying.
@xfahctor (14126)
• Lancaster, New Hampshire
26 Nov 09
*DING we have a winner. You spelled it out pretty well, it isn't about us, it's about growing their own power and the taking of authority never delegated to them in our constitution. there are plenty of things they could do to improve access to our healthcare system with out creating a single new government entity, with out spending a dime and with out growing their own power.