Did you remember your first love?

November 24, 2009 1:51am CST
Hi, During my school days i had fallen in love with a girl called jenifer. Unfortunately i had not got success in my love. Last week i had met her in shopping. Now she got married and she had a childs too. Did you have experience like this.
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• India
26 Nov 09
i had a love in my school days. i proposed her during my school days am now doin engineering one day i got a call it was she we spoke for about an hour then we started messagin after sometime she proposed me i told her that in my school days i only had a crush and not love we r now good frnds
• China
25 Nov 09
I have ever loved a boy when I was in the high school. I told him this after my graduation of the university, and after then , I have never seen him again. But I will send him a message every year on his birthday.nothing, just because I still remembered. I am living a happy life with my husband now.
@bettydeng5 (1816)
• China
24 Nov 09
The first love is not easy to forget, it's remember to the end of one's life. Why I say this? If you really love someone, you won't forget him or her and everyhing on him or her. I don't know whether it is my first love, when I went to school in my high middle school, a boy with me in the same school, he treated me very kind, and often send some gifts to me, at last he moved to another school, since that we lost contacts. I don't forget him, but we don't meet again. I hope I can meet him one day though he would married. Best wishes.
• China
24 Nov 09
hi,cognoscentethelegend! your first love has had a child...life has changed a lot. my first love is sill my boyfriend and we have known for many years. but I am not sure that his child will be my child too.you know,too many changes in life.though,I think no matter who marry who in the future,we are friends through our lives. have a nice day!
• Philippines
24 Nov 09
hello, yes i remember my first love but i didnt experience like you now. My first GF is not my first love, when we are meet again in their place when i visit i saw she had her one baby. That's my experience.