Just say NO!

@hvedra (1623)
November 24, 2009 4:57am CST
A few years ago DH and I dropped out of the Christmas Gift giving with our respective families. We aren't Christian. They are Christian in name only (or to get their kids into particular schools). We were also becoming increasingly appalled at the materialism and greed so we said "enough is enough". For the past couple of years this has been an academic exercise anyway - we couldn't afford to participate even if we have the inclination. What has become apparent is that DHs brother and his wife think that my mother and father-in-law should now switch what they would have spent on us to the grandkids automatically AND THEN SOME. This year's list of acceptable gifts is a Nintendo DS for each grandkid _plus_ games. There is nothing else on the list. The mother and father in law are pensioners on very limited income who already provide free childcare several times a week for BIL and SIL. BIL and SIL are both in good jobs and spend more on keeping their kids entertained each week than I'd know what to do with. The thing is that they know the grandparents can't afford this kind of gift but they won't tell the kids to ask for something reasonable. Instead either the grandparents will give in and buy stuff they can't afford or they'll have to do the saying "no" and endure the tears and tantrums that will follow. They are much more likely to give in because they know the kids will continue the histronics for some time and lay on a guilt trip "don't you love me nanny?" and all that. BIL and SIL either don't see or don't care about the hurt or the financial situation for the grandparents. It just makes me so frustrated. BIL And SIL could buy the expensive stuff a dozen times over OR teach their kids that not everyone has lots of money to waste on junk but don't. Anyone else get this kind of nonesense over Christmas? Do you bit your tongue? Say something? Make pointed remarks? Grab the carving knife?
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