Jack was so sad as he took a bite left all alone at the Thanksgiving table

@stealthy (8188)
United States
November 24, 2009 6:02pm CST
Everyone was gone, bratty Abby, high and mighty Ashley, mad at the world nare do well Billy and even Doc. Emily had to go to the hospital. Jack was pretty pitiful after all his high hopes for a family get together.
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@echomonster (2227)
• Greenwood, Mississippi
29 Nov 09
The scene with Jack eating alone at the big table full of food was excellent. Rather true to life, really...lots of people feel very isolated on the holidays. I enjoyed how the Abbotts were reunited at Indigo while getting food ready for the shelter. I wonder if Jack will ever become good at bringing the Abbotts together...it's what he desperately wants but yet he keeps sabotaging his relationships with his family members. He's certainly a far cry from John!
• United States
26 Nov 09
I fel bad for Abby because she has never felt like she belongs. She has a mom who is not there physically. Ashley had never raised Abby because Abby had spent all those years in boarding school. Abby has lost her sister and her dad Brad. Victor has left her. Billy has been on a revenge kick lately and throwing everybody out of his life. Mac left him and Billy is not doing well with Restless Style. Emily left because she had a call from the hospital. I think Jack feels better once he volunteers to help at Indigo.
• United States
25 Nov 09
His dream of a happy family dinner is dashed for now. I can understand Abby. she is so hurt she is lashing out at everyone. Look out this is how the soaps ususlly turn a good girl into a bad one. Billy , Why would Jack think he would be any different . Jack disowned him a few weeks ago and Now he wants to be lovey , dovey?! I think The Doc and Jack Should have had dinner alone , or at least he should have told her to come back after her swift was over. Or better still , he should have packed the leftovers and went o the hospital and waited for he. I know I am too much of a romantic. I feel sad for Jack. I hope next year he will have that family Thanksgiving.