"I know I should've treated you better, but me & you were meant to last forever"

@maezee (38838)
United States
November 24, 2009 11:30pm CST
Ok, I might just be over-analyzing the lyrics of a song, but is that line in the title ("I Know I should've treated you better, but me and you were meant to last forever") ever a good excuse for cheating?! I am constantly hearing this Jason Derulo song on the radio - "Whatcha Say" and this is one of the main lines in it. Do you think he decided to say this because he meant it or just because it happens to sort-of rhyme? I personally think this is crap excuse for cheating or just treating someone wrong in general. Just because you THINK you're "meant to last forever" (which is a rare enough thing as it is..) doesn't mean you can do whatever you please without having to worry about consequences (in your relationship). Do you agree with me? Or do you think I'm being WAY too over-analytical?
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• Philippines
25 Nov 09
hey maezee.. i feel the same way as you.. i think the line is full of crap.. its no excuse for someone to cheat on his/her partner and just say that lame excuse for cheating.. thats not right.. being committed to someone means that you are ready to be a part of their life and that you accept the fact that he/she is already yours and same applies to you.. so why in the world would you cheat.. lol.. i think they just put that line in coz it rhymes.. :D