Do you get tired of your job?

@hunieby (207)
November 25, 2009 1:58am CST
I used to really enjoy my work. Lately though , the pressure and stress is taking it's toll that it came to a point that I wanted to walk out and go home before the day is over. Good think I was able to stop myself lest I be called unprofessional. Has there ever been a point in your life that you wanted to give up your job? What did you do?
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• Oman
26 Nov 09
Iam happy with my job tired but enjoy my job i like it because i meet many peoples and my knowledge alwayas increase. so i like my job
• Oman
26 Nov 09
ya u right dear
• Malaysia
30 Nov 09
I had that feeling before that my previous job became so tedious and stressful because of lack of manpower and we had to do double job, but no extra pay. I just felt that I wanted to resign at that very moment. Since the working place was attached with the shopping mall, I used to do retail therapy. I did go for holidays to breathe the fresh air, so, maybe it will help if you just take a break for a while. You might be too worn out with your job and really need some rest.
@Jackie8 (127)
• China
30 Nov 09
I used to really enjoy my job too, and working hard every day. But nowaday, I feel something make me confusion about my daily work. That is my boss, who let me hard to face my underline. some of my underline working hard every day with me, but when I try to persuade my boss to give them a raise of salary or promotion, My boss rejected, He seams did not care more about our hard working, I even can't accepted the situation, and my underline were striked by my boss' attitude. It's really hard to me, sometimes I really wanted to give up the job with my underline.
@doniep (99)
• Philippines
25 Nov 09
I am fascinated with my work. I have two jobs before, yet now i only have one.. I have been to a point where i really quit my other job, for some reasons that i was unequally compensated from my manager. I really hate that person, I was the one who is working and giving all the effort just to make it happen. yet, my compensation was hold and controlled by her making a reason that the institution was really short of the budget, knowing for a fact that the manager just used the money for her extra-curricular activities which is not included on the budget.. not a good manager! i wonder how other employees keep up with her!!