youngsters in the past are better than that in the present .. `

November 25, 2009 4:15am CST
looking back at the past.. lots of great people were there .. but today, most of youngsters are whinny, picky .. it's like they always want an easy way out .. instant.. what do you think?
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• China
28 Nov 09
yeah, as a teacher, i want to say i agree with you. I remember clearly that the students in my times are very obedient. Only a small part of them are difficult for teachers to control.But today, students are hard to deal with! They smoke, drink and fall in love even when they are very young. They always have their own ideas. For many times, i am afraid of imagining what will the students be like some years later.
• Indonesia
29 Nov 09
yes .. we were so easy to handle at that time .. but now to be a teacher, we have to talk and speak in a very common sense to make them understand ... it's really difficult to describe the reality that bites to them .. we need to that so they won;t be off track someday or worse in the near future .. but then again it's so hard.
• China
2 Dec 09
My dear friend, i come again. I'm very upset that today i found the youngsters are really much worse than the youngesters in the past! I don't know what are they thinking about everyday! As a teacher, i should love my students, and i love my students very much, because they are very lovely. But today, i find some of them really very bad.
• Indonesia
4 Dec 09
i know just what you feel ... i am in the same shoes as yours. i think i use all i got to get them back in the track of reality... sometimes i have to be strict but then i also explain the real situation and consequences if they continue to behave in the same way everyday ... the consequences will really put them in the very corner that they can't move anymore .. i said, everything comes from the small things .. if you start to ignore everything then you'll be ignored as well .. and believe .. it's really bad... you are mostly welcome my friend...
@agv0419 (3025)
• Philippines
26 Nov 09
I agree with you now a days kids are hard to discipline unlike before kids are afraid of their parents and teachers. Now kids are hardheaded, rude and they hard to please. They always complaining and they don't want others to tell them what to do. Back then kids are not like that they are respectful to elders and polite.
• Indonesia
27 Nov 09
couldn't agree more .. i wonder what makes them that way...
@niara25 (148)
• United States
6 Dec 09
The problem it society tells us we can't discipline our children. If there is no punishment, you get the unruly out of control brats that you see. They are spoiled and whinny and want everything instantly, but do not want to earn it. They want everything given to them or done for them. Unfortunately, this is also true for a lot of Americans. The culture now is much worse than it was years ago. They are angry, rude and believes the world revolves around them.
• Indonesia
8 Dec 09
"they are angry and rude and believe the world revolves around them"... gosh you know exactly how to put it in words... yes, even if they knew they had the problem coming, they still don't realize it.. blame anyone else. it's sad to see it .. :(
@monkeylong (3145)
• Guangzhou, China
25 Nov 09
As we all know that nowadays youngsters have better life conditions which is just a little better than people in the past.But It still can not say youngster is weaker than younsters in the past. Like youngster now can have a very wise brain which we can not immagine. They do a lot that we can not do. They have the ability to do what they want. So I do not think youngster in the past are better that in the present.
• Indonesia
25 Nov 09
yep .. i agree with you,, in some cases, they can mess up with technology to invent great things .. but then .. in most cases, they are awfully spoiled.. easily brainwashed by hedonist instant life that television always offers everyday ..
• China
13 Jan 10
the first, in the modern society the parents of youngsters have less time to communication with their children. so youngsters always are lack of discipline. the China for example, after the opening policy carring out, more and more parents work to earn more money so as to have no enough time with their children. less correct guidance given, the children are easlier to be effected by some harmful customs from the society which the children can contact for example TV.