Student Loan Debt!

United States
November 25, 2009 10:41am CST
Who else out there is drowning in student loan debt? Well I sure am. Most of my debt is private student loans. I cannot consolidate them because of my bad credit because of these things, I cannot put them in forberance anymore because I have used all that up. I cannot afford my payments, everything else is suffering around me because of it. grr.... All the help I find on the internet is for federal loans only, no help for the private loan people. The white house is all for helping with federal loans, but what about those with an amazing amount of private loan debt? Is there no help!? I could file bankruptcy, only if My dad wasn't a co-signer on these loans. He refuses to file. Debt management companies are a huge no no. Seems like there is no end to this suffering!
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