How do you make money where you can just relax all day?

United States
November 25, 2009 11:45pm CST
Kindly give your comments and suggestions on how can anyone make money and not have to work anymore from 9-5 and how one can just spent time with their family and friends and not have to worry about paying bills etc.
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@SACHIN2708 (1638)
• India
26 Nov 09
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• India
26 Nov 09
Hi rosemarybrandon, there is no way to earn money without any effort. If you are having money to invest, then this can be acheived by investing in forex or HYIP programs. You invest $100 and earn $10 after 24 hours. If you are investing more, say $1000, your daily income would be $100. If you are intersted, PM me for the link.All the best. Happy mylotting.
@CatGods (4591)
• United States
26 Nov 09
What you are looking for is called residual income and it can take years to build. Every one seems to think that all you need to do to make money online is plug in your computer, log onto a site and push a button. Can you hear me laughing now when they have a very rude awakening. People who making the kind of money that you are looking for still work every for many hours per day because achieving that amount of money is one thing and maintaining that amount of money is completely different. Do you think that Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Charles Ryder, Justin Blake, or Shaun Casey just sit back and let the money roll in? Oh hell no! They are working every day to maintain that level of money coming in. Sorry to shatter your world. But I will leave you with this, if you want to make the bigger money online, then you need to think outside of the box and use your own ideas and put those ideas into action.
@simonelee (2716)
• China
26 Nov 09
hello, rosemary. Welcome to mylot. well, making money is not easy especially here online. It's not relaxing and easy as I expect. It's stressful. A lot of mylot users is making good online try to check their profile and read their blogs. It will help you decide how to earn online not being scammed. happy posting!