How Much Email You Receive Each Day??

@Devilova (5395)
November 26, 2009 3:58am CST
Last month I join with an solo ads, ads that send trough email.This is flood my emeil with hundreds email each day.Now I get sick with it and ignored it. How much You got each day??
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@besthope44 (12135)
• India
24 May 10
I receive nearly 20 mails or less, as i have added it in groups, so i get more mails.
• India
6 Jan 10
well i joined a group which send me daily 5 to 6 mails per day and more of that some of my friends send me mail 3 or 4 mails
• India
5 Dec 09
On an average i receive around 15 mails each day out of which 5 will be some forwards by my friends and some group mails and some subscription letter mails. Apart from that i receive some 10 spam mails each day. So in total i receive around 25 mails.
• India
28 Nov 09
ya .i recive 100-300 email ever day thats i joined many adsurfer website and marketing companies thats flodding mail in my inbox. happy mylotting
• China
27 Nov 09
I got about a hundred email per day. Some of them comes from the community about technology discussion. Some of them comes from my friends for daily communication. And some of them comes for SPAM. Email is my main interface which connect the world outside to me.
@raisur (423)
• Bangladesh
27 Nov 09
i receive around 20 mails in average everyday in my primary mail account... for joining in various sites I use a separate mail account so that i'm not bothered with tons of unsolicited mails... if you use gmail, why don't you mark the unsolicited mails as spam, that's supposed to reduce your mails in the inbox...
@Baluyadav (3643)
• India
26 Nov 09
hi,devi,you never gave tick to the box indicating that send mails whenever you join a site...if you don't want that mails,you go for unsubscribe....i too had bad experience once..when i join in home cash site,they used to send 100 mails per day and problem is when you try to open the message,the adult messages will appear..finally i unsubscribe it and got relieved from that problem. Have a nice day.
@aerous (13452)
• Philippines
26 Nov 09
I experience too that kind of email floodings, my friend. But what I did is to unsubscribe for they are not sending it again repeatedly and or report them as spam to notified yahoo or gmail about those things...If not stop. Delete it all everyday...
@emma90 (530)
• Indonesia
26 Nov 09
in my email maybe is almost 10 emails form my friend and a lot of program or group that I join it... have a good day and happy lotting... ^^