Can you live without internet?

@figjam00 (1446)
November 26, 2009 4:14am CST
guys have you ever thought what would be our life if there was no internet. It will be nothing short of a nightmare I think. What so you think?
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@Hatley (164070)
• Garden Grove, California
27 Nov 09
hi figjam00 love your user name. I am also addicted and must have my mylot fix and my internet fix daily or I am an unhappy camper. I am on here all the time as I am retired and in a retirement center where a lot of people sit around eyes glued to the boob tube all boring . give me my computer and monitor and I am once again a happy camper or should I say mylotter.
@figjam00 (1446)
• India
27 Nov 09
hey thanks!!! it must have been fun camping.....
@nyumix (1659)
• Belgium
26 Nov 09
I always think that I can not live without internet. I guess I am addicted to it.
@se7enthbird (8314)
• Philippines
5 Jan 10
if i am not working abroad or in another city then i think i can live without internet. it is hard to work far away from home and not seeing your child and wife in the webcam. so for me i can live without internet with that reason. though internet has played a big role for all of us specially with communications it will be hard for us to try to live again without it.
@kun2349 (23381)
• Singapore
27 Nov 09
I think i will be able to survive.. lol =D After all, i have only been using the internet for mylot as well as earning purposes.. Other than that, i have no use for it, and i dun do much searches online too.. haha =D To me, internet is just and added advantage, but not a neccessity in my life.. Maybe to some others, whom depend on it, as their livelihood will see it as indispensable, but definitely not to me ^_^