Greek letter organizations. Are you a member?

Are you a member of any greek letter organization? - membership to fraternities or sororities
@bounce58 (17451)
November 26, 2009 5:22pm CST
Are you, or have you been a member of any Greek letter organizations? Were you a member of any fraternity or sorority? How was that like? Was it all fun and games? Did you learn anything?Back in University, a lifetime ago, I was a member. I even headed it. There were times were it was a lot of fun. And there were times were it was too troublesome. We were political, so we had memorable times running an election. Even controversies of cheating. But what I learned was to endure even through hardships. How to keep your wits about you. No matter how tough the going is. Even through hazing which was still popular back then. Now, I admit that I do need some boosts from time to time. The close friends that I have made here in myLot can attest to that. Still I endure. How about you? Did you learn anything from your fraternity or sorority?
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